Ms. Katz was an absolute godsend in the midst of the worst time of my life. Having been represented by a lawyer whose legal acumen and advice did not meet his promises, I found myself in the midst of the most contentious divorce imaginable. Meeting Ms. Katz, who had come highly recommended from several different sources,  including one of the most well regarded lawyers in the field, was the turning point for not solely my legal travails but truly a life altering experience. I came to Ms. Katz spineless, frightened, rudderless   … She has helped to draw this legal battle towards a hope filled conclusion and has helped me to draw on her example of strength and bravado to begin again. I will never be able to repay Ms. Katz, but I will continue to direct anyone grappling with a divorce to her incredibly adept, brilliant and diligent counsel.
Shannon Blackwell
From my first consultation I knew that Alayne recognized and really understood the issues of my case and that she would be the perfect lawyer for my situation.  I have never doubted this for one second since.
Alayne has been very responsive and has handled everything incredibly well in a contentious and difficult situation.  My divorce has been a very stressful and draining process but my saving grace has been that I knew I could trust and count on Alayne to handle each situation in the best and most cost-effective way for the best possible outcome.  I think she is very intelligent, quick, tactical and tough yet also caring about her clients.  She has my highest recommendation.

It is truly a challenge to try and sum up the immense gratitude, respect and affection I have for Alayne Katz.
Alayne is, quite simply, the best. In every way. Her knowledge of the law is impeccable, as is her ability to deftly negotiate and strategize to her client’s best advantage. She is professional, prompt and very respectful of one’s time. Her office is also a pleasure to deal with. Her staff is sensitive and discreet and the office environment is warm – helping greatly to quell the typically heightened emotions that accompany most visits there.

But these are the things you’d expect to hear about a great lawyer – and expect to find in a “testimonial”.
What you probably wouldn’t expect is this:
Alayne is not only a great lawyer – she’s a great person too. If you’re working with a matrimonial attorney, it’s probably safe to say that you are not in the best “place” in your life. For me, that was definitely the case. And while never once compromising her professional responsibilities, Alayne had the capacity to also exude tremendous support, concern and humanity. More than once she took off her “lawyer hat” and spoke to me, woman to woman. Mother to mother. And not only were those instances incredibly comforting, they allowed me to give vent to whatever emotions were cresting at the time and re-focus on the task at hand. It was those “non-lawyerly” moments that actually made me a more productive client. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go through such a fraught experience with a lawyer who was not empathic too.

I have recommended Alayne’s services countless times and will continue to do so – her qualities are unsurpassed, and she has gone to bat successfully on my behalf every single time.
Sheri Silver

Alayne is bright, experienced, accomplished, works quickly, and is one tough cookie.
She came highly recommended by one of her victims – a much-poorer, ex-husband now!

While working as a legal secretary, my office was retained in a matrimonial action with Alayne Katz as the opposing attorney.

During the course of that action, I had numerous interactions with the Alayne Katz Law Firm.  Alayne’s expertise in matrimonial law, coupled with her promptness in preparation, execution and filing of documentation; communication and compassion for her client, formed a lasting impression on me.

Years later I found myself faced with a complex divorce.  My first thought was that I needed a seasoned divorce attorney and one with whom I would get the best legal representation available to me.  Although we had never met in person, I remembered the woman attorney who had impressed me so many years ago. I called her office to schedule a consultation and she met with me that very same day.

During the course of my divorce action, I found Alayne to be knowledgeable in every aspect of matrimonial law while showing compassion for me, as the plaintiff, as to what I was dealing with emotionally.  On numerous occasions, I would leave her office or finish a phone call with Alayne only to realize I had more questions or concerns.  In ALL of those instances, my questions were answered before I asked them.  Alayne had the foresight to know which issues had to be addressed without additional communication from me.  This reinforced my confidence in Alayne.

I highly recommend Alayne Katz in all matters relating to matrimonial, custody and Family Law, including domestic violence.  I am happy to say that I am personally thankful that our paths have crossed.
Elaine M.


Hi Alayne,

This email is long overdue. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and guidance with our son and the local Police department. You were a tremendous support for us. I still cannot understand the bizarre turn of events that lead to the case being dropped. No doubt it was the pressure of retaining  a lawyer of your stature that helped tremendously  in the negotiations.

On that note I would also like to express my appreciation for the refund for unused hours against the initial retainer. You are truly a professional with a well-deserved stellar reputation. It was a pleasure to work with you during this challenging time.